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ساده باشیم و پر راز...

آفتاب مغرور تمامِ دریا را میخواهد
زین سبب است که تنِ دریا را تبخیرِ خواسته هایش می کند
و باز هم سپاس بر تو ای باران
برای بخششِ بی حد و مرزت

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Hosein Azad (born November 12, 1981) is an Iranian singer, composer, songwriter and writer.
At the age of 22, he was selected as the youngest writer in Iran by registering three books in the National Library.
He has a bachelor’s degree in photography and directing. He works in the field of architecture, landscape and interior design as a CEO in Woodas.
He has collaborated with several singers in the form of poetry and composition, one of the most heard poems is “Winter of God” song by Mehdi Mojtabayi.